WebmasterCMS - Content Management Made Easy

Why wait days or even weeks for your web developer to post updates to your site?
Why pay every time you need to make a change? 
If your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools, shouldn't you be InControl ?

Introducing WebmasterCMS, our powerful, easy to use Content Management System designed to put the control of your site back in your hands.

Easily update and add content.

WebmasterCMS's is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Anyone familiar with formatting content in Microsoft Word or any popular word processor will feel completely at home editing content in WebmasterCMS.

With the freedom to update your content without delay or additional expense comes the ability to communicate more effectively and in a more timely manner with your clients.

Drag and Drop Interface

Not only can you edit your content whenever you like, but you can also add new pages at any time, delete pages or simply rearrange the order pages or sections appear in your navigation. WebmasterCMS's web 2.0 style interface makes tasks such as these as simple as drag and drop.

Super flexible shared lists

WebmasterCMS's super flexible shared list module makes it easy to create and manage all kinds of list based elements on your site. Some examples already implimented on InControl clients sites include: Video Playlists, Audio and Video Podcasts, Promos & Specials, and even an online auction system. Show everything, just featured items, or just one item to show randomly, the choice is yours, you are in control.

Scheduled Publish and Expiry

You can decide and implement when and how content displays on your site using built in publish and expiry dates. Simply set the publish and expiry dates on your pages, and WebmasterCMS will take care of the rest.

Upload and Manage all your media

Upload images, video PDF, Word, Excel documents or almost any other file format you need. WebmasterCMS's built in Media Manager will store and manage all your media needs and provide a simple means to link to or embed your media on your pages.

One size fits all image processing

With our unique "One size fits all" image resizing and optimization, you can easily manage how your images are displayed on your site. Simply upload the original image in Media Manager, then you can place the image into your content at any size you like and WebmasterCMS will create a web optimized version on the fly. Want to place the image as a small square thumbnail image? How about a wide panoramic image? No problem, just select the image to use, and then  choose the size and aspect ratio for it to display and with WebmasterCMS's built in optimization and caching, your images will always be fast loading for your guests.

Third party integration

WebmasterCMS integrates with many third party solutions. From adding a Google Map complete with directions, videos on YouTube, Google Analytics or html email newsletter management from Campaign Monitor, WebmasterCMS takes advantage of many third party tools to make your website more dynamic and efficient.