Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Up to 96% of Internet traffic comes through Search Engines. Only about 3% of of websites are properly optimized for web browsers. This means there are alot of websites out there that are never found.

Running a successful website follows many of the same principles that running a successful business does. If you do not advertise, how will people know you exist? If you want to have access to customers who aren't in your local area then you need to consider the options available to you for marketing your website.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The key components for good SEO are:

  1. Website Coding
  2. Semantic Structure
  3. Original Current keyword-rich content
  4. Backlinks - Websites linking to you.
  5. Search Engine friendly URLs
  6. Proper use of Meta tags such as Keywords, Descriptions, Page Title, and Image Alt tags.
WebmasterCMS is designed from the ground up to deliver pages in the optimal structure and format for SEO. All site navigation is structured in such a way as to provide easy access of all pages to search engine spiders, so that your content is easy to index. All code produced by WebmasterCMS uses modern web design techniques such as external CSS and proper semantic structure, so that Search Engines can easily understand the main topic of any given content. WebmasterCMS generates sensible, keyword rich URLS using section and page names that are search engine friendly and convey clear meaning to your customers.

That said, Webmaster is a tool, and cannot do completely effective SEO without regular site updates and maintenance. It is critical to continually monitor your sites results in major Search engines and continually make adjustments.

As part of the ongoing Support and SEO/SEM agreement, InControl Solutions will:
  • Provide assistance and training in optimizing content for best Search Engine Results
  • Regularly track placement of main keywords/phrases on top Search Engines
  • Provide regular reports for how visitors use the site
  • Assistance and/or management of inbound links
  • Regularly track number of visitors VS cost of link for paid links.
  • Source new quality sites for links
  • Ensure inbound links are optimized (not using "click here")
  • Assist in making sure the site is updated regularly with new fresh content.

Site Optimization

SEO primarily focuses on getting your site to come up high (top 5) in the search engines for your chosen keywords and phrases. Site Optimization focuses on a wider range of goals such as ensuring that the visitors you have attracted to your site, stay and even more importantly reach a goal or perform an action that you are wanting. A goal could be anything such as visiting the "contact us" page, signing up for a news letter, or making an online booking. Using Google Analytics, we continually track visitor behavior on the site. Using this information we continually make adjustments to the design and content to increase the percentage of visitors that complete the goals you have set.

For example with an online booking system, our analytical reports could indicate that a large number of visitors are not completing a booking and are "dropping off" on the customer information page. Reviewing that page we decide that we might be asking too many questions that are not required to complete the booking. After making the changes to the form, we track the number of visitors attempting to make an online booking, and hopefully see that a higher percent are now completing the process.

This same sort of cycle can be applied to the placement or design of "call to action" graphics, such as promotions for specials or prompts to sign up for a newsletter. By reviewing how visitors reacted to different placements and designs we can make sure we are using the techniques that get the best results.

Online marketing

Online marketing covers a wide spectrum, from managing members for a e-newsletter, designing graphics and ads for directory sites or other sites linking to you, Google Adwords, (paid or sponsored results), and tracking of offline marketing campaigns, such as radio, TV or print.

WebmasterCMS has modules for managing member sign ups, and creating HTML email newsletters. A common task that InControl manages for clients is the delivery and tracking of activity for HTML Marketing. Reports of email delivery can indicate when and how often a user reads an email, the number of unsubscribes, the number of bounced or invalid emails. We can also track the number of visits to the site as a result of the user clicking a link in the email newsletter. Additionally we can track the number of visitors that reach one of your set goals, as a result of the email newsletter.

We can also track the number of visitors from TV, Radio, or Print by using special URLS used in those campaigns. These can be set up quickly and easily through WebmasterCMS and will create special redirects to any page on the site you want the visitor to see. In this way you can create special landing pages for things such as contests. You can give each of these redirects a "campaign name", and a medium such as 'TV', 'Radio', or 'Print' and the results of traffic to these pages can be tracked through reports generated in Google Analytics.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

Google Adwords is a good option for gaining traffic from search engines for words and phrases that would be unrealistic for you to achieve organically through SEO techniques. For example you can have Adwords Ads that display when users search for your competitors names, or for last minute events.

InControl Solutions offers the service of creating, optimizing and managing your sponsored search engine advertising campaign. This method is also known as Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and is the cutting edge of online advertising. Pay-per-click allows you to market your business to the very people searching for your products or service; no other advertising medium offers such power! Pay-per-click advertising allows you to choose keywords you would like your site to appear for when a search is performed. This is also a great way for new websites to be found in search engines right away as most pay-per-click search engines will display your ad within one hour of submitting.